Since its 2014 conception, British brand Malone Souliers has established itself as a market-leader for bold and unapologetically feminine footwear. Malone Souliers has garnered a global reputation for fastidiously crafted collections filled with the finest skins and materials and truly unique, vivacious colour palettes.

Sold through many of the world’s finest stores and online, the brand has swiftly developed a cult following; devotees clamouring to add new season colourways of their favourite silhouettes to their personal collections.

Malone Souliers’ ideology is governed by proportion, beauty of line and an unwavering attention to detail. Trademark details have become unmistakably associated with the brand; a flawless fit, signature strap detailing and wave-like curves that follow the arch of the foot appear throughout every collection. Enhancing the beauty of the female foot and perfecting its arch are paramount to each shoe’s conception. Malone Souliers’ techniques are of age-old provenance and every material is of highly luxurious, exquisite quality.

Malone Souliers is an expert at innovative craftsmanship, the work that goes into every shoe is subtle and often hidden. With construction and beauty given equal weight, the experience of wearing the shoe is as graceful as it is aesthetic. The position of each heel is centralised for optimal balance. Inner soles are cushioned with downy-soft lining for luxurious comfort.

Founder and Creative Director Mary Alice Malone’s influences are disparate and far-reaching. Her background in furniture design and passion for psychology guide every design decision. Mary Alice’s hands-on approach means that she curates every collection, playing with materials, shapes and fabrics. The conceal-and-reveal sexiness of the ‘50s and the boyish, charismatic It-girls of the ‘70s are a constant reference; women as iconic as they are inadvertently sexy.


Our point of view

“The high heel is a magician. A beautiful heel will sculpt the foot and create a transformative reaction through the entire body. It will affect posture and the way you walk but also the way you talk, the way you carry your head, your entire bearing.”

- Founder and Creative Director, Mary Alice Malone

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