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Lucia 85MM

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Lucia 85MM

Main material and colour


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  • Please note, Made-To-Order shoes are typically delivered within 8-10 weeks.

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Our Product
Malone Souliers footwear is crafted in Italy, using the finest quality materials and hand finished by expert artisans.
We only select the finest raw materials, sourced from the best Italian tanneries and produced with strict adherence to worldwide environmental regulations. As with any luxurious and delicate material, our shoes should be treated with care, as they are subject to regular wear and tear. We pride ourselves on customer service and aftercare and are always more than happy to offer support and advice on any of our products.

Take Care

We always recommend storing your shoes in the dustbag provided with purchase. We cannot be held responsible for damage resulting from accident or misuse, dye transfer, exposure to water or chemicals, alteration, service or repair by any party other than us.

We would recommend not adding any rubber protective soles onto our footwear, as this will inevitably alter the balance of the shoe, placing undue stress on the heel and causing it to break.

Calf leather is a material prized for its velvety softness and fine grain. Despite its malleability, it is very durable, and lends itself to the craftsmanship of light uppers of comfortable, luxurious shoes. It must be noted that this leather can stretch, which must be taken into account when selecting a shoe size. To remove a small amount of dirt from your calf shoes, use a soft brush carefully and briefly, and to restore shine, buff with a cotton chamois. Due to its porous nature, calf should not encounter any greasy creams as these may mark the leather permanently.

Embossed Leather is durable; however, abrasion should be avoided so as not to damage the pattern. Due to its buttery softness, this type of Leather can stretch – a point which must be considered when selecting your shoe size. To remove a small amount of dirt a soft damp cloth can be used. Due to its porous nature, Calf should not encounter any greasy creams as these may leave permanent marks.

Swarovski crystals lavishly adorn both our classic and new styles alike, giving the uppers a subtly sophisticated look. Crystals are applied with a heat press technique on top of suede or satin. We recommend that you keep your shoes stored in their dust bags after wear, and that you expose them to minimum friction as any abrasion will lead to the crystals eventually detaching.

The Elaphe is a non-endangered watersnake local to many parts of Asia. A delicate and intricately textured material with a unique pattern and lustre, it gifts an exuberant and highly luxurious finish to the shoe. Elaphe has intrinsically fragile characteristics which require extra-special care - certain weather conditions may cause scales to slightly lift and is impossible to reverse. Never use liquids containing alcohol or any harsh solvents near your Elaphe shoes, particularly not near those with hand-painted metallic finishes. It is recommended that you store your Elaphe shoes in the logo-printed dust bags they arrive in, so as to keep them out of direct sunlight, as this may cause discolouration.

Elastic is a high-stretch fabric chosen for its adaptable nature that results in a highly comfortable wear. The stretch properties of elastic make it difficult to mend if snagged or torn. Whilst resistant to water-based stains, overheating or encounters with alcohol or chemicals may affect the structure of elastic materials. Shoes with elastic details should be gently spot-cleaned with a soft, damp cloth.

Feather trims are used to lend select footwear styles a fun, statement finish. Our feathers are collected from ostriches before being carefully cleaned and dyed using techniques to preserve their natural delicacy. As ostrich feathers are incredibly fine and fragile, these shoes should be worn with the utmost care to avoid damage. Unfortunately, ostrich Feather trims cannot be repaired.

Our Lace Mesh is created by bonding delicate lace with a sturdier fabric mesh base. Shoes crafted from Lace Mesh should be worn and treated with care to avoid abrasion or snagging, as damage to the material cannot be repaired. Use a soft cloth to wipe away any light dirt.

Textured yet soft to the touch, our uncoated Linen is a special archive fabric woven at a heritage mill in Italy. It does require extra care to maintain optimal condition, and we would recommend treating your Linen shoes with Scotchguard Fabric Protector prior to wear. To clean, gently wipe it with a soft, damp cloth and dry immediately with a separate soft, dry replacement away from direct heat.

Mesh is a polyester fibre woven with a specialised technique, forming a hollow structure within the fabric. Although mesh is very durable it can still be damaged by excess abrasion and if this does occur, the mesh will not be repairable. Loose dirt may be wiped with a soft lint free cloth slightly dampened. Any mesh with a specific finish, whether metallic or glittered, should be treated with the utmost care, as any solvents or alcohol based solutions will remove the finishing on the mesh fabric. Consideration should be take when cleaning.

Metallic Leathers are sensitive to solvents and alcohol such as perfume, which may remove the surface finishing from the leather. Please ensure that excessive abrasion to the products is avoided, as prolonged rubbing will damage the metallic finish on your shoes. Smooth leathers such as Mirror Leather may crease with flexing. Should the leather become wrinkled or scratched, there is no way to restore it.

Mirror Leather can be cleaned by gently wiping it with a soft damp cloth and drying immediately. Products made of Mirror Leather should be stored away from direct sources of humidity and heat. This is a surface finishing and so, with abrasion and wear, the metallic finish will come off. This is normal wear for this type of material and is not considered a flaw. Once the metallic finish is removed, it cannot be re- applied or restored, so please be mindful of this and always store your Metallic finish footwear in its appropriate dust bag.

Our signature Nappa leather is made from sheepskin. Buttery-soft, it lends itself to sculpting, making it a natural choice for cordwaining. As such, Nappa will mould itself quickly to the wearer’s foot - this offers a highly comfortable wear but is also something to bear in mind when selecting your size. Nappa leather is naturally porous and should not be exposed to any creams or moisturisers, as these may leave permanent, immovable marks upon the leather.

Our patent finish is created by coating the brand’s soft calf leather with a unique mix of acrylic and polyurethane - leaving a longer-lasting, luxurious high-shine finish that lends itself to dressier occasions. Over time, patent may begin to lose its gloss, particularly if it comes in to contact with alcohol or any harsh chemicals. A light smattering of dirt is easy to remove from patent calf leather - wipe gently using a soft cloth, lightly dampened with water. Patent will absorb inks or pigments of any kind, including those of other fabrics. It is recommended that you store your patent shoes in the logo-printed dust bags they arrive in, so as to avoid contact with darker materials.

Our textured Grainy Calf is embossed with a striking dot and diamond pattern for a textural finish. Please be aware that the perforations will allow the material to stretch a little more than usual – something to consider when choosing your size. Please also be careful to avoid any snagging as this is irreparable. To remove a small amount of dirt, wipe with a soft, damp cloth. Due to its porous nature, Calf Leather should not come into contact with greasy creams as these may leave permanent marks.

Our signature raffia is produced by weaving together the fibres of the raffia palm. Dyed and spun with manmade fibres, they form a dense, durable and compact material - a beautifully textured fabric ideal for shoe craftsmanship. Abrasion may damage the intricate fibres, leaving snags which are impossible to repair. Use a soft, dry cloth to remove small amounts of dirt from raffia panels.

Suede is an aniline leather; dyed in a manner which retains the hide’s natural surface. This lack of protective coating allows the fabric to remain tactile and malleable. As a result, suede is extremely absorbent, especially in paler shades, and should be kept away from damp surfaces. Once they become deeply ingrained, water marks can be impossible to remove. We highly recommend using a suitable suede protector upon your shoes prior to wear and having a quality suede brush on-hand for general maintenance; gently brush the shoe’s surface, to prevent damage to the suede.

Our trademark satin is woven in the Lake Como region of Italy, an area world-famous for its historic silk mills. The satin is created from a mix of silk and viscose; leaving a sleek and highly glossy cloth, perfect for sculpting shoes. Excess abrasion may snag the surface and is very difficult to repair, so satin shoes must be treated with care. The best way to preserve your satin shoes is to treat the upper with an appropriate spray protector. Loose dirt can be wiped away with a soft, dry cloth. Always store your satin shoes in the logo-printed dust bags they arrive in, especially if in a paler hue.

Our Vegan Leather is cleverly made from recycled plastic bottles and polyurethane, while the waterproof sole is made from various types of recycled rubber. Reinforcements and insoles on or within our Vegan shoes are non-toxic and biodegradable, and only solvent-free, water-based glue is used. Our Vegan Leather is hardwearing but should still be treated with care. Spot clean with a soft, damp cloth.

This enticing, shimmering material is woven on a specialist loom from nylon and polyester Lurex. This delicate, glitter-threaded fabric can become snagged by friction and should be handled with due care - we advise leaving a finger-width between the top of the shoe and any long clothing to reduce the chance of damage. As with all fabrics with metallic finishes, this woven Lurex is extra-sensitive to solvents and alcohols, including perfume.

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