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Lucia 85MM

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18 July 2023

The Art of Shoe Care

At Malone Souliers, our shoes are designed to be worn and enjoyed time and time again. We believe that with a little extra care and attention, your favourite pumps, sandals, and boots should last a lifetime. Of course, to keep luxury footwear looking its best for as long as possible, proper maintenance is essential. With a special focus on the AW23 collection’s hero styles and fabrics, here’s our expert guide to showing your shoes the love they deserve. From cleaning guidelines to storage and protection, discover practical advice and expert tips to ensure your treasured heels go the distance.

Save our Soles

When you aren’t wearing your shoes, we always suggest storing them in their dust bag inside their original shoe box. This protects them from natural light, which can cause colour fading, as well as effectively preventing a build-up of dust and dirt. It is advisable to lightly clean your shoes accordingly after each wear and before returning them to their box. When travelling, always pack your shoes in their dust bags.

Fabric Focus

Each season our collections boast an array of beautiful fabrics, bringing to life the covetable designs we are known for. From cordwainer’s classics such as nappa and satin, to directional materials such as mesh and mirror leather, each fabric requires unique and dedicated care.

Metallic Nappa

Metallic nappa, as seen on this season’s gold Amaya sandals, is sensitive to solvents and alcohol such as perfume, which may remove the surface finishing from the leather. A gentle wipe with a dry cloth is all these platforms need to stay looking their best. Excessive cleaning should be avoided, as repeated rubbing will damage their metallic finish. These shoes do require a little extra care when wearing as, unfortunately, should the leather become wrinkled or scratched, there is no way to restore it.
 Women's Designer Metallic Platform Sandals from the AW23 collection by Malone Souliers

Mirror Leather

Expertly crafted from cracked mirror leather, the Henri sandals embody this season’s retro-futurist inspiration. Mirror leather can be cleaned by gently wiping it with a soft, damp cloth and drying immediately. It is especially important to store your mirror leather shoes away from direct sources of humidity and heat. This is a surface finishing and so, with abrasion and wear over time, the metallic effect will lift. This is normal for this type of material and is not considered a flaw.


Made from sheepskin, buttery-soft nappa leather is a Malone Souliers signature. This season gracing classic styles such as the Bruni loafer and Maureen flat, both in timeless brown, it holds enduring appeal. Nappa quickly moulds itself to the foot, offering a highly comfortable wear. To clean, gently wipe the shoe’s surface with a slightly damp cloth. Nappa leather is naturally porous and should not be exposed to any creams or moisturisers, as these may leave permanent, immovable marks.

Embossed Leather

A futuristic focus is at the heart of the AW23 collection, and fabrics such as ripple-embossed leather really capture the mood. Sandals Una and Jayce, in gold and silver respectively, are both realised in this opulent material. Embossed leather tends to be fairly durable, however abrasion should be avoided so as not to damage the pattern. To remove a small amount of dirt, a soft, damp cloth can be used. Due to its porous nature, calf leather should not encounter any greasy creams as these may leave permanent marks.
 Women's Designer Embossed Leather Heeled Mules | AW23 Malone Souliers 


Our ultra-glossy patent finish is created by coating super soft calf leather with a unique mix of acrylic and polyurethane to achieve a longer-lasting, high-shine finish. The Una sandal, available in both black and pink metallic patent, is a covetable example. Over time, patent may begin to lose its glossiness, particularly if it comes into contact with alcohol or harsh chemicals. A light smattering of dirt is easy to remove from patent surfaces; simply wipe gently using a soft, damp cloth. Patent will absorb inks or pigments of any kind, including those of other fabrics, so proper storage is extra important where these styles are concerned.


Mesh has become a regular feature in our collections, and AW23 is no different. You’ll notice our iconic silhouettes Maureen and Marion have been updated in white and light pink lace mesh. To create this intricate fabric, polyester fibres are woven using a specialised technique, forming a hollow structure within the fabric. Although mesh is very durable, it can still be irreparably damaged by excess abrasion. We suggest removing loose dirt using a soft, lint-free cloth that is slightly damp.

Women's Designer Classic Heeled Pumps in Neutral Colours | AW23 Malone Souliers


Perfect for showcasing our seasonal colours, for AW23 satin wraps the new Josia sandals and Vonn pumps in a luxurious yet versatile sepia hue. Our trademark satin is woven in the Lake Como region of Italy, an area world-famous for its silk mills. It is made from a mix of silk and viscose, resulting in a sleek and highly glossy cloth, perfect for sculpting shoes. It is important to note that excess abrasion may snag the satin’s surface and is very difficult to repair. The best way to preserve your satin shoes is to treat the upper with an appropriate protective spray prior to wear. This will make wiping away loose dirt easier – simply use a soft, dry cloth.
If you would like to learn more or read about other fabrics, you can do so at our Aftercare page.

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